Payment Manager Optional Services

Change Statement Layout

Enjoy fully customizable statements that mirror your company's branding.

A Professional Image

All accounting programs provide statements but with Payment Manager’s Customizable statements you can take the accounting programs output and automatically create statement generation that captures your professional look, while providing easy-to-understand information.

Online ACH Set-up

Streamline your ACH process with Payment Manager.

Save Time with One-Time Set-Up

This online website gives Owners and Vendors an easy way to sign up for direct deposit. Safe and secure online form or print the form and mail or fax to your accounting department.

No need to hassle with blank checks! Complete all ACH information online!

Email Dispatch Center

Keep investors up-to-date using our email dispatch center.

Increase Investor Relations

Provides a means to correspond with owners, vendors, working interest, royalty, field workers, etc., via email; emails can be sent to all, groups or individuals. You can send well information, newsletters or general notifications easily and fast without fear of being blacklisted because of suspected spam.  Also included with this is MailMax, which can be used to archive and retrieve all emails sent.

Document Upload Page

Spend less time on the phone! Your users upload all files through your Document Upload Page.

Users can edit and upload new documents anytime, online!

This add-on gives owners, vendors, working interest, royalty, field workers, etc., the ability to send information directly to the people that need it.  Email notifications are sent to the corresponding corporate team.

i.e. Change of Address, Change of Account, Transfer of Ownership, Transfer on Death, Non-Resident Composite Opt In/Out Form, Trailer Transfer Form, Subscription Agreements and many other documents.

Account Payable Distribution

Streamline your AP Process

Paying Bills Has Never Been Easier

We take your Accounts Payable check register then process all payments for you.  We then upload all invoices to your customized portal.

Customizable Statements