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Why Choose JC Data Solutions?

JC Data Solutions has been a trusted name in the Oil and Gas Application industry for over 20 years. We know what businesses in our industry really need and strive to give all of our customers top-notch service and support. When you contact JC Data Solutions with questions, you will get a real person on the phone- not a recording. We want to hear from you!

Payment Manager™ has processed distributions of our payments and documents, including our weekly AP distributions and yearly 1099s, since 2009. Our activity level has grown drastically in the last 6 months and they have handled the increase in distributions seamlessly. This service has allowed us to concentrate on the accounting functions and not pull manpower away just to send out payments and/or documents. The benefits we have received over the years have included saving time, effort and not having to add additional staff to handle printing and mailing. Payment Manager™ also allows us to provide a better service to our payees with the online access of all documents and any correspondence necessary to get to them.

– Kris

Operations Accounting Manager
Legacy Reserves LP

Kris , Legacy Reserves LP
Kris’ words are hard to beat so I don’t know that I could add much! I would only say that we have continued to grow at a high rate through the last boom cycle and JC Data has kept up every step of the way. We are now processing payments to more than 2,000 vendors and 15,000 owners and the JC Data processes have remained consistent which is rare with that much growth. It is nice to have a partner that doesn’t require significant changes or increase complexity to us as we have grown and added to their volume.

Legacy Reserves LP

Roy, Legacy Reserves LP
My Oil and Gas Clients love the huge administrative savings Payment Manager brings to their bottom line every month. Each Company’s Portal gives them all the information Accounting needs at every moment. The Payees love the ACH Direct Deposit features of Payment Manager. No more lost checks. No more replacement checks. Everything they need is right there in their own Portal.

Allen, CPA

“JC Data has saved us countless man hours which leads to real savings. As a small business, we value the partnership and the services they provide. Their services provide a tangible savings to our business processes.”
Kaleen, Pantera Energy Company
Monthly disbursements created an enormous demand on our company. JC Data Solution’s ACH Generator has streamlined the process of dispersing payments to our investors and owners. This electronic funds transfer system, designed for the oil and gas industry, has really reduced costs and man-hours.
Randy, Crown Exploration
“I only have positive things to say about our relationship with JC Data. We use JC Data to print and mail all of our Joint Interest Billing Invoices, Revenue Statements, and Revenue Checks. We process and mail ~10,000 pages of statements including ~250 checks each month. JC get’s the job done within a day of receiving the files, and we have never received a complaint from business partners of mineral owners. JC provides piece of mind that is hard to find with most outsourcing. Further, they free up valuable time for our employees.”
Robert Shannon, Colgate Energy