Our #1 Selling Oil & Gas Solution of All Time.

With THOUSANDS of users and counting, Payment Manager is
revolutionizing Payment and Document Distribution for Oil & Gas companies all over the USA.

What is Payment Manager?

Our most popular service picks up where your accounting system leaves off to manage the entire revenue distribution process and AP payments:

  • Payment Manager disburses Funds and Payee Notification of disbursements and provide Paper Checks for those that prefer them.

  • We provide all royalty and working interest payees with online access to statements, K-1s, 1099s, copies of JIB statements, etc. using your company’s look and feel.

  • We provide a complete set of secure administrative tools to simplify payee management and audit trails to ensure your business is protected.

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Amazing Tools To Manage Your Distributions

  • 24/7 Access to all of your statements, JIB’s, 1099’s, correspondences and more, any time via your personal Web Interface!
  • Your easy-to-use Online Database Interface is personalized and branded to your company’s specifications. YOU control what payees and broker dealers can access.
  • Your payees and investors experience an effortless web experience. Our web portal blends in, mirroring your website so users never know they are redirected to a 3rd party interface!
  • Save money and time by disbursing funds via Electronic Funds Transfer

Payment Manager Makes Your Company Look Even Better To Your Investors.

Users can see the difference throughout every interaction. From more professional looking Statements, to a web portal that is branded in your colors and logo- your investors will appreciate the ease of access and availability.


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.54.53 PM

Our Payee Interface is One-of-a-Kind

Payees can access all financial documents- including well data and correspondences- by simply logging on to their secure individual payee document viewing site. 

  • PAYMENT MANAGER provides a seamless interaction between your website and the user’s Payee Portal. Users can access Operations Data, Investor Relations, Contact Information and more at the top of their payee screen.
  • You can assist your payees by accessing the same documents simultaneously. Answering questions and providing help just became even easier!
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